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February 16, 2012

Mobile Banking And Strategic Resource Allocation

The Credit Union Times recently released an article titled Mobile Banking Report: Credit Unions Lagging Banks.  In the article, Mary Monahan of Javelin Strategy & Research cautions that institutions that lack mobile banking risk losing valuable customers to those that offer it.  She enforces that many credit unions still do not offer mobile banking apps […]

February 10, 2012

Investing At “Record” Low Rates…

The Fed’s first 3-year “forecast” revealed that almost half of the Fed Governors believe the Fed will keep short-term rates very low through 2014.  Coupled with continued weak loan demand, many credit unions feel like they are forced to do more with investments.  These two factors may cause more credit unions to extend investments moving […]

February 2, 2012

Are You Feeling Liquid?

It may be the last thing you think you need to worry about—needing liquidity. However, the things furthest from your mind could be the most important to think about in the risk management process.  Risk management is, in part, an exercise of thinking about and preparing for the unexpected.  When was the last time threats […]

January 27, 2012

More Certainty Over The Direction Of Interest Rates?

Following the January 25th meeting, the Fed released a forward-looking rate forecast.  This forecast shows the range of predictions made by Fed officials about the level of short-term interest rates in the fourth quarter of 2012, 2013 and 2014.  The forecast also estimates when the Fed expects to begin raising short-term rates, and describes what […]

January 20, 2012

Where Are Loans Falling Off?

Credit unions need to analyze and understand their loan pipeline.  Many institutions currently look at their approval ratio or a “look-to-book” that tells them the percentage of applications being funded.  Both of these measures have value but don’t necessarily provide the full picture. Ideally, credit unions should be looking at the number of applications, percent […]

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