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June 28, 2016

Brexit’s Effect On Your Business Model

Except for those that have been on vacation in a very remote location, all of us have heard or read countless reports about how voters in The United Kingdom (UK) decided to leave the European Union (Brexit), and predictions about the impact to the global economy (Source). This decision will have long-term implications, as UK […]

June 24, 2016

Don’t Hit Cruise Control on Auto Loans

Auto sales, which have been at record levels and hit a peak of 17.8 million units last year according to CU Times, may be reaching a plateau. If your earnings are heavily reliant on sustained and significant production in auto loans, think strategically about the following: There are indications of changing behaviors affecting market demand.  […]

June 16, 2016

Heartfelt Thoughts for Orlando

We would like to take this time to pause from the constant noise around the financial services industry.  We feel it is important to remember those who died or were injured as a result of the heinous crime in Orlando.  Our heartfelt thoughts go out to the individuals, families, and friends, who were impacted by […]

June 9, 2016

Strategic Implementation: Huddle Daily for Strategic Success

Institutions are in a constant state of change. Core conversions, new products, and improving processes are just a few examples of change that credit unions go through to help support strategic initiatives; inherent in any of these changes is a need for behavior change. Often institutions focus on the change itself. The change is implemented, […]

June 2, 2016

5 Musts Of An Effective Project Manager

72% of all projects fail.¹ Effective project management can be a strategic differentiator. One of the most important keys to the success of a big project is the project manager. Equally important is the senior support necessary to allow an effective project manager to get the job done – even when the project manager isn’t […]

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