Our Consultants

As our consultants work with credit unions across the country every day, they are supported by a team of more than 30 professionals.

Principals & Consultants

Adam Johnson, Chief Executive Officer/Principal
Adam, CEO and one of five owners of c. myers, leads a client-focused team of 45+ professionals who are passionate about helping our clients position themselves to remain relevant, sustainable, and differentiated.
In his 20+ years at c. myers, Adam has been a key contributor to the philosophy and design of c. myers’ proprietary financial models and ALM processes. He helped design c. myers’ approach to assessing business models and its strategic planning processes, and serves as the strategic guide for its process improvement/project management business line. He recently participated in the rollout of c. myers’ newest business line – leadership development.
Adam has facilitated hundreds of strategic planning sessions and has spoken at numerous national and regional industry conferences on a wide array of topics. He has worked with countless credit unions to improve their financial structure and has guided many CEOs as they developed solid leaders on their teams. Adam also coaches boards and CEOs as they prepare for, and execute, smooth leadership transitions. He is known for his ability to take the most complex topics and break them down into an understandable language, with a touch of humor along the way.
Adam is an avid learner and enjoys challenges in a wide range of areas. He served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine, passed the CFA exams in three consecutive years, rode his bicycle from San Diego to Florida, and mentors young people in making career path choices. Adam enjoys an active lifestyle and lives in Phoenix with his wife and their two children.
John Myers, President/Principal
John is one of five c. myers owners. One of his greatest passions is helping credit unions build and sustain business models and governance frameworks that are relevant to their target markets. John brings years of experience in strategic planning and asset/liability management to the financial services industry. He uses his reservoir of experiences, observations, and learnings as he works with credit unions to help them evolve their business model to remain relevant for years to come.
John is known for presenting complex topics to decision-makers in a way that is understandable, thought-provoking, and engaging. This is critically important to him because the first time he heard someone speak about asset/liability management, he almost fell asleep standing up. Keeping that in mind, John has developed a knack for helping credit union decision-makers want to be involved in discussions about strategy and asset/liability management.
John has been a featured speaker at many national and regional conferences, such as the NAFCU Board of Directors Conference, CUES Directors Conference, National Directors Conference, as well as the CUNA CFO and CUNA OpSS conferences. He has also instructed countless asset/liability management education classes.
John is a founding board member of Northland Cares, a community-based, non-profit organization providing medical services in four rural counties in Arizona. John also volunteers his time to ICM Food & Clothing Bank in Phoenix, a grassroots organization that provides basic human needs to roughly 100 to 150 families and individuals each day. From time to time, John also volunteers his facilitation experience for various community-based, non-profit organizations. John and his family are adventure travelers and have hiked or explored all seven continents and the Arctic Circle in recent years. While at home, John enjoys hiking, running, strength training, yoga, and making a mess in the kitchen as he cooks and grills.
Rob Johnson, Executive Vice President/Principal
Rob, one of five c. myers owners, has a reputation for deep, original thinking on asset/liability management and every conceivable modeling methodology, as well as analysis of investments, liquidity, aggregate risk, concentration risk, and other related topics.
While Rob is a familiar face to the managements and boards of many of the largest credit unions, he has helped credit unions of all sizes tackle some of their toughest challenges, such as rebuilding capital and navigating safely and soundly with the smallest of margins. He has become quite familiar to many leaders in the regulatory world, both as an educator and a thought leader.
Rob is a sought-after industry speaker. Over the years, he has spoken at conferences hosted by CUNA, NASCUS, AICPA, as well as the National Directors Conference. Whether in front of an audience of dozens or over a thousand, Rob relishes taking complex, dry subjects and turning the material into a presentation that people actually enjoy.
Within c. myers, Rob spearheaded the development efforts of our proprietary software, including the Interactive Decision Model, Interactive A/L Budget Model, and Liquidity Analysis. Rob also oversees our team that conducts model validations on a regular basis. He works closely with all of our consultants and analysts, making sure c. myers remains a learning organization for the benefit of our clients.
ICM Food & Clothing Bank, a local food and clothing bank for the working poor, benefits from Rob’s competitive spirit during donation drives, as Rob believes each drive should be more successful than the last. In his free time, Rob and his family love spending time at their mountain cabin where they enjoy their horses, 4x4s, paintball guns, and skiing in the winter.
Brian McHenry, Senior Vice President/Principal
Brian, one of five c. myers owners, has worked closely with credit union boards and managements of all sizes in a variety of capacities. As a strategic planning facilitator, CEOs regularly praise Brian’s industry knowledge, calming communication skills, ability to authentically engage anyone with whom he interacts, and ability to keep discussions focused on linking strategy with desired measures of success. Using his asset/liability management expertise, Brian works closely with managements to discuss and test the impact to earnings and net worth from short- and long- term strategies under consideration.
Within c. myers, Brian has managed our extensive team of consultants and financial analysts, who use our comprehensive, leading edge A/LM modeling tools to quantify interest rate risk and build long-term financial forecasts. The team runs thousands of simulations and “what-ifs” every year for hundreds of credit unions. Brian is also a certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach and enjoys working with clients on strategic leadership development.
Before joining c. myers, Brian served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique, where he taught English and co-coordinated a national youth program aimed at reducing HIV and AIDS. Here at home, Brian has been a buddy runner for Best Buddies, helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities run a half marathon. Over the past several years, Brian has also facilitated strategic planning sessions, pro bono, for a nonprofit healthcare clinic in rural Arizona. Brian and his wife enjoy an active lifestyle; he has completed two IRONMAN triathlons, which require over 140 miles of swimming, biking, and running.
Sally Myers, Principal
Sally is a founder of c. myers corporation and one of five owners. Driven by a deep commitment to helping credit union leaders and regulators for more than two decades, her guidance has shaped c. myers’ focus on client support and leadership development.
Sally has facilitated hundreds of strategic planning, governance, and business model evaluation sessions, and has spoken at countless national and regional industry conferences. She has been a strategic force behind c. myers’ interest rate risk, budgeting, and liquidity models, which have been used to benefit credit unions of all sizes, including over half of those over $1 billion in assets.
Sally has been instrumental in helping credit unions weather the financial services industry crises. She worked to help them think, plan, and act strategically and proactively to ensure their sustainability during turbulent times. Whether during a strategic planning session or with an audience of more than a thousand while speaking at conferences, Sally has mastered taking complex issues and breaking them into engaging topics for discussion. Sally is also a certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach and is committed to developing strategic leaders.
Sally is a steadfast supporter of ICM Food & Clothing Bank, a Phoenix-based organization that helps the working poor. She has facilitated their planning sessions, pro bono, organizes company-wide drives for donations, and volunteers her time at ICM’s facility. If you’re traveling with her, plan on hitting the gym, the mountain, or going on a bike ride with her! And always, Sally has a quick wit and is game for lively conversation and a good laugh.
Charlene Leland, Vice President
Since joining c. myers in 2004, Charlene has become one of the most diverse facilitators within the industry, especially with regard to helping credit unions of all sizes address three necessary business objectives: relevancy, differentiation, and sustainability. Over the years, she has honed her skills by facilitating various types of sessions, including process improvement, project management, strategic planning, and short- and long-term financial planning. During the course of the Great Recession, she assisted credit unions in building capital restoration plans.
Within c. myers, Charlene has mentored more than 20 employees in her many areas of expertise. She also manages major projects including both the development of new services and the revamping of existing services. She was a key designer of the c. myers Lending Control Charts+, which track the success of process changes by turning data into easily understandable and actionable decision information.
Charlene is a frequent blood donor, racking up more than 55 donations. Charlene also volunteers with ICM Food & Clothing Bank and regularly collects donations for the charity from a wide circle of friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Charlene enjoys the outdoors and is an avid hiker and road cyclist.
Dan Myers, Vice President
Dan joined c. myers in 2009 to launch our Process Improvement and Project Management Services, bringing more than 20 years of management experience which included responsibility for over 300 employees, a budget of more than $35 million, and over one million square feet of facilities.
Dan’s success as a leader was driven by his ability to focus his various departments on constant process improvement. He developed and implemented an effective process to manage portfolios of projects to help ensure his company’s financial and human resources were aligned with strategy and allocated appropriately. The constant process improvement and successful project portfolio management drove increases in revenue while containing expenses.
Since joining c. myers, Dan has worked with scores of credit unions helping them to develop quick and efficient processes, as well as organize and manage portfolios of projects to maintain relevancy, keep costs down, and create more rewarding member and employee experiences. Credit unions that have benefited from Dan’s expertise have ranged from $90 million to over $5 billion in assets.
Dan and his wife volunteer 15-20 hours a month visiting individuals in assisted living facilities, taking them to lunch, the library, and running basic errands. In his spare time, Dan enjoys camping, hiking, playing board games, and pulling practical jokes on his family, including his office family. Dan is known to project manage himself, such as training for a 45-mile rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon. When he was younger, he held a statewide record in his weight class for deadlifting roughly the weight of the back end of a Volkswagen.
David Loftus, Vice President
Since Dave joined c. myers in 2005, he has become well-known and well-respected by scores of credit unions in every corner of the country. Dave has worked on many complex modeling and consulting projects that c. myers has undertaken – he is always looking for a challenge. He most enjoys facilitating sessions for management teams as they work to make tough financial decisions, while at the same time running “what-ifs,” real-time, to help inform decision-making. Clients enjoy Dave because he’s down-to-earth, and he makes it easy for them to understand something that they had perceived as complex.
Beyond A/LM, Dave’s expertise includes long-term financial forecasting, liquidity analysis, concentration risk analysis, derivatives modeling, and providing policy guidance to clients.
Dave lends his expertise by serving as an instructor for our introductory and advanced A/LM education courses, as well as both our A/LM and budget model training classes. He also co-facilitates Strategic Visioning sessions.
Dave and his wife are dedicated supporters of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, donating regularly. They also donate financially and through their time to their local preschool. Dave is an avid golfer and has played hundreds of courses.
Over the last few years, Dave has enjoyed becoming a dad, and spends his free time with his wife and two young, beautiful children.
Dustin Wright, Vice President
Dustin joined the c. myers team in early 2011. Previously, Dustin had responsibility for asset/liability management, investing, budgeting, and additional related areas in both a credit union and a bank.
Today, Dustin leverages his years of experience assisting management teams in understanding complex A/LM topics such as derivatives, concentration risk, aggregate risk, liquidity risk, and more. Dustin communicates the results of long-term risks to earnings and net worth simulations to credit union executives on a daily basis. He frequently works with managements to build long-term financial forecasts, running the c. myers models to test multiple “what-ifs,” live, while at the same time facilitating discussions.
Internally at c. myers, Dustin has taken the lead in critical areas. He oversees the development and maintenance of our concentration risk and aggregate risk services. He regularly speaks with and has participated in training sessions for examiners. Dustin is a highly sought after trainer, especially when it comes to mastery of the most complex modeling challenges. He also co-facilitates strategic planning sessions.
Dustin enjoys working on home improvement projects, rebuilding cars, camping, and spending time with his wife and son.
Rob McCullough, Vice President
Since joining c. myers in 2000, Rob has met with credit union boards and managements across the country to facilitate their strategic planning sessions and guide them as they establish strategic objectives. He uses his well-rounded depth of industry knowledge and amiable demeanor to challenge decision-makers to think deeply about protecting their institution’s relevancy and sustainability.
Rob also helps clients in understanding their long-term risks to earnings and net worth. He has worked on a daily basis with CEOs, CFOs, and senior managers, helping them to understand the risk and reward trade-offs of options they are contemplating to address opportunities and threats.
Rob frequently conducts onsite A/LM education for boards and management teams, breaking down complex financial topics in a practical and understandable way. Internally, he is a mentor to a number of financial analysts, sharing his years of expertise. He also manages special projects for clients and internally at c. myers.
Rob and his wife give freely of their time for those in need, including visiting the elderly in their local community, gathering items for different charitable organizations, and working with individuals who are intellectually and developmentally disabled. Rob has also helped raise funds for community projects in Ghana and Central America. Rob, his wife, and their five young children are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Their activities range from white water rafting and water skiing to taking their 4x4s out for the day.
Scott Kelley, Strategic Leadership Development Consultant
Scott has nearly 15 years of experience in the credit union industry as a board member, and has served in various leadership roles as Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer. He draws on his experience, inside and outside the credit union industry, to facilitate critical decisions and help participants reach consensus and develop strategic plans that support their desired financial performance.
Scott has a passion for putting his learnings in the areas of leadership and team building into practice in his work at the University of Kentucky and his volunteer activities. He has utilized those same skills to help drive change within the organizations in which he has worked and volunteered.
He is a Professor of Marketing in the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky, where his long-term teaching and research interests have focused on strategic marketing and service delivery issues within the service sector.
Scott played college basketball at the University of Iowa and the University of Evansville. This experience helped him cultivate his decision-making skills and learn to navigate team dynamics. Currently, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, and volunteering in his community.
Tim Busby, Vice President
Tim has helped hundreds of credit unions of all sizes focus on building financial strength and sustainability through a variety of economic conditions, including two recessions, a housing bubble, and multiple different rate environments.
Tim’s knowledge and experience runs deep in a variety of disciplines, including asset/liability management and facilitating process improvement and project management sessions. He also has expertise in more specialized areas, such as liquidity analysis, capital restoration plans, and conducting A/LM model validations and merger analyses.
Tim has been instrumental in the development, enhancement, and teaching of our A/LM education courses. He receives stellar reviews because he strives to be first to understand shifts in the economy, emerging balance sheet trends within the industry, and proposed changes to regulations. Tim has a striking ability to engage participants and communicate complex topics, as he couples the material with his dry sense of humor, which is one of his trademarks.
Tim enjoys spending time with his two teenage children. He is often found on the sidelines of a soccer field cheering for his son’s team or at horse shows supporting his daughter. In his downtime, Tim enjoys reading science fiction.
Trevor Bush, Vice President
Trevor brings nearly 25 years of experience in a variety of roles within the financial services industry to c. myers and its clients. In 2005, Trevor became the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer of a community bank in Phoenix. In 2011, he was recruited by a multibillion dollar regional bank into the role of SVP/Division Manager to oversee the operations in Arizona, which included $1 billion in assets and 23 branches.
Utilizing the expertise he gained through several years in leadership roles within the financial services industry, Trevor works closely with CEOs, CFOs, and senior managers to help them understand their long-term risks to earnings and net worth, as well as the opportunities and challenges that new business decisions under consideration can present. As a key player within c. myers, Trevor uses his in-depth experience to research complex emerging topics, such as modeling methodologies and risk mitigation alternatives.
Outside of c. myers, Trevor regularly donates to local charitable causes and organizations and has served as an elected volunteer board member for two local schools. Otherwise, he enjoys time with his family and keeping active in many ways, such as hiking, playing soccer, snowboarding, camping, and snorkeling.


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