A/LM Software (In House)

You can have the power of the Interactive Decision Model, not only at your desk but in decision-making meetings, so you and your team can get answers real time.
This is the same ALM software model dozens of professionals on the c. myers team have used for hundreds of credit unions, including half of those over $1 billion in assets and 25% of those over $100 million.


  • Running a What-If in as few as 1 to 4 minutes while it is being discussed by decision-makers
  • Free, unlimited training, when you want it, by someone who uses the ALM software model every day for multiple credit unions
  • Calling and receiving support from someone who has used the ALM model for years, who can go beyond answering a question and will offer guidance to help you achieve your end objective
  • C. myers doing the heavy modeling, quarterly, while you do the What-Ifs, or c. myers serving as a third party running the ALM software model once per year for comparison purposes

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