Other A/LM Services

Unlimited Anytime What-Ifs
Imagine just picking up the phone or sending an email to a team of A/LM professionals requesting the What-Ifs that you need. Imagine having the time to focus on other things while our A/LM professionals run What-Ifs for you, delivering results within 24 hours.

We can provide Net Economic Value analysis in rate shocks up to 500 basis points. Because NEV is highly assumption driven, we provide multiple views. For an alternative to NEV that incorporates market value changes, read more about Income & Residual Value at Risk.

Income & Residual Value at Risk
Our residual value methodology is designed to answer the question: How does our net worth hold up if, after four (or five) years, we decide to “close out” our risk?

This methodology combines income simulation with valuation fluctuations. It provides a view that “closes out” the risk on longer-term commitments by including the market value gains/losses that would be realized if the balances remaining at the end of the simulation were sold. The wildcard of deposit valuations, which is one of the key drivers of NEV results, is eliminated.

Non-Maturity Deposit Behavior and Pricing Analysis

Understand your deposit balance trends and pricing strategies since 2003 – uniquely capturing distribution changes in both rising and declining rate cycles. This can provide observable comparison between modeling assumptions you’re using and your actual experience during past rate cycles.

Loan Prepayment Speed Analysis

Capture your members’ unique prepayment behaviors with this loan-by-loan prepayment speed analysis. Use it to fine tune loan category prepayment assumptions and model more accurate cash flows for A/LM and budgeting, as well as to provide observable assumptions rationale.

Assumptions Review & Documentation of Rationale

A key question that must always be addressed in simulating potentials for the future is: What is our solid rationale for making these assumptions? Imagine having the answer to this question in a user-friendly document. This includes historically-based data to support your credit union’s position on assumptions, including deposit pricing and withdrawals, cash flows, and prepayments. Stress testing of key assumptions is also included.

Merger Analysis

Considering a merger? Feel confident in the answer to this question: Does the sum of the two equal the whole? C. myers can help in two ways. We can facilitate decision-makers in discussions that ask hard qualitative merger-related questions that, once answered, build confidence toward a direction. We can also perform ALM services, which answer questions such as: What is the potential short- and long-term financial performance of the combined entities? How can this financial performance be impacted if rates change? Additionally, various strategic What-Ifs can be simulated to inform the decision making.

Target Financial Structure

Like a fast-forward button for your balance sheet, the Target Financial Structure helps decision-makers understand, in advance, if the long-term risks embedded in budgets and business plans are aligned with their appetite for risk.

Concentration Risk Policy Review & Development

Develop a clear and meaningful concentration risk policy through this process. We’ll guide you through the thinking behind different types of concentration limits and the pitfalls that can lead to unintended consequences. This can be a key component of quantifying aggregate risks to net worth.

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