Budgeting & Forecasting

Simplify the budgeting and forecasting process

Our budget model makes the process simple:

  • It’s ready to go
  • It’s fast
  • It’s interactive
  • It “what-ifs” in a snap
  • It distinguishes new volumes from existing commitments
  • It’s goal-oriented
  • It thinks long term

budget model formula
Whether you use the model in house or engage us to run it for you, the c. myers Interactive Budget Model simplifies the budgeting and forecasting process.

Budget Modeling Service
Let us do the work for you with our A/L Budget Model Service. When you’ve seen as many budgets as we have, you can feel confident that we’re asking the right questions. Not only that, our experience in setting up hundreds of budgets and the capability of doing lightning speed What-Ifs makes for a faster and simpler process. This can certainly help ease the pain of budget season.
Want to lighten the pain of your budget season?
Long-Term Financial Forecasting
We often hear, It’s really hard to forecast long term. It doesn’t have to be. This process is about being roughly right rather than exactly wrong. In other words, it’s not about creating a detailed long-term budget.
Imagine sitting in a room with other key players and having the ability to instantly see the financial impact of trends extending into the future combined with strategic ideas and decisions. This enables decision-makers to more easily answer the question, Is this a place we ought to want to go?
Decision-makers often link Long-Term Financial Forecasting with the strategic planning process.
Interactive A/L Budget Model (In House)

Many credit unions prefer to run the Interactive Budget Model in house. The model is designed to make budgeting easy while providing the sophistication you expect from c. myers. There is no charge for model training and you can send as many people as you like. The support is amazing because our consultants actually run the model every day.

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