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May 14, 2015

Could New Business Be Slipping Through Your Fingers?

Generating new loans involves reaching out and gathering loan applications, but could you also improve the number of funded loans within the applications you already receive? Consider the following example: Analyzing data and looking at it from different perspectives can often reveal new and actionable information. Of the many observations you may make, consider the […]

March 20, 2015

Thinking of Growing Your Loan Staff? Think Again

GOOD NEWS: Loan volume is up. BAD NEWS: Your lending manager is saying, “We need to hire more people!” Also, the current staff is working overtime. GOOD NEWS: You may not have to add staff and you may not need to pay overtime. Before you decide to add staff, step back and answer these questions: […]

February 13, 2015

Considering New Systems? How to Improve Chances for Success

Many credit union management teams are considering changes to their mobile platform, home banking, loan origination system (LOS) and/or account opening system (AOS).  The following are just a few (of many) tips to consider: Get clarity before submitting RFPs.  As a leadership team, agree on your decision drivers and the specific business objectives you are […]

December 18, 2014

Software is Not the Answer (It’s Just a Piece of it)

When it comes to big software installations, it’s easy to lose sight of the real objective. It’s common for projects to be focused on implementing software when that’s not the real goal. These projects spring from business needs, such as reducing the time it takes to open accounts or process loans. While a piece of […]

December 4, 2014

Process Improvement: Did the New Process Become Second Nature?

Source: Google Many credit unions are focusing on process improvement to improve scalability, enhance member and staff experience and to control operating expenses. It can be invigorating for many people to shed practices that are non-value add. However, it can also be scary for some to change habits. A key success factor in the process […]

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