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January 20, 2012

Where Are Loans Falling Off?

Credit unions need to analyze and understand their loan pipeline.  Many institutions currently look at their approval ratio or a “look-to-book” that tells them the percentage of applications being funded.  Both of these measures have value but don’t necessarily provide the full picture. Ideally, credit unions should be looking at the number of applications, percent […]

December 8, 2011

Perfecting The Process

Looking over the last 12 months, what has happened to your credit union’s net interest margin? If yours is like most credit unions, the answer is it has declined. Competition for loans and low interest rates continue to erode yield on assets.  Cost of funds has declined but (for most places) not enough to completely […]

March 10, 2011

Doing More With Less

Experts say one of the biggest outcomes from the current recession will be leaner companies that run more efficiently with less staff.  According to a recent article titled Companies Do More With Fewer Workers (USA Today, 02/23/11), productivity has risen more in the current recovery than previous ones (except for 2001), jumping 3.5% in 2009 […]

February 24, 2011

Count Your Business Opportunities

In an effort to improve earnings and enhance member profitability, many credit unions are moving toward more of a cross-selling culture during their account-opening process.  As credit unions do this, they should evaluate their processes and track effectiveness. The most efficient and effective process will vary depending on a credit union’s unique target markets, value […]

June 24, 2010

When Will This Be Over?

It’s natural to wonder when things will get back to “normal.”  But week after week, the only thing consistent in the economic indicators is that they are not consistent.  So how do we plan for the future? Most credit unions are designed to thrive in a different type of economic environment─one we may not see […]

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