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Create a Process for Successful Execution of the Strategic Plan

August 21, 2014

Strategic planning can excite, galvanize and motivate teams; however, even the best strategic plans are worthless without great execution. Teams often find themselves scrambling. What sounds doable while isolated from the everyday whirlwind can seem insurmountable post-strategic planning.

A solid process surrounding strategic planning can contribute greatly to successful execution. It’s no secret that strategic planning will take place and that initiatives will result. Ideally, teams should begin meeting immediately after the planning session to start planning projects. A process that includes scheduling time well in advance of the planning session for teams to meet immediately after is key.

These post-planning session meetings should review at a high level what resources existing projects will require and when. Then, resource requirements for new projects should be sketched out along with their timing. Looking at how all the projects will interact in terms of departmental resources should provide a reasonable view of capacity and ensure that multiple projects aren’t allocating the same resources at the same time.

Also, consider the following:

  • Teams are often handed a number of big projects to be completed by end of year. Consider leaving due dates flexible on at least some of the projects until the team has been able to review resource capacity and establish reasonable due dates
  • Communicate to the entire staff what projects are being undertaken and why in order to get everyone on board to make it happen. Communication from the top will ensure that all employees understand where the organizational focus should be
  • Have a good project management process. The process should include appropriate reporting of the status of projects to staff, management and board. Regular reporting helps to maintain project momentum, organizational focus and fosters accountability

High-functioning credit union managements regularly get out of their silos, carefully evaluate resource capacity and make priorities clear in order to execute their visionary strategic plans. The resulting success inspires teams to continue to perform at a high level year after year.

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