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CUNA Webinar – Smart Deposit Strategy – NOW not Later

Feb 21, 2018

Phoenix, AZ

The loan-to-asset ratio of the industry continues to grow, contributing to a liquidity strain we haven’t seen in years.  This strain is compounded by complex changes in the competitive environment happening at lightning speed, millennials who are redefining banking, and an aging depositor base.

For many credit unions, it is not unusual to have more than 65% of deposits with members who are 60 years old or older AND the largest slice of borrowers in their 50s.

While it may not feel like a problem today, these trends shouldn’t be ignored.

During the webinar, topics discussed will include:

  • How to identify strategic deposit acquisition and mix issues that are brewing
  • Why you need to start thinking creatively NOW about sustainable deposit acquisition, and not simply relying on traditional means of attracting deposits
  • Effective ways to communicate these issues to non-financial decision-makers, so they can help create solutions that align with your credit union’s unique strategy
  • Several ways to use readily available member data to deliver compelling messages that are easy to understand

Registration for the Webinar is open to CUNA Members ONLY.

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