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Excerpt: Building Blocks Of A High-Functioning Board

February 14, 2013

Often there are not comprehensive plans in place to recruit, develop and assess credit union boards.  This is a shame considering that volunteers are a cornerstone of the credit union industry.

To put this in perspective, think about the comprehensive plans that are often in place for hiring credit union employees.  For example, credit unions usually have a documented process for hiring a new teller.  Everything is outlined, such as the desired skill set and characteristics they should bring to the credit union in order to be hired.  After being hired, the new teller goes through a well-thought out series of orientation and training exercises, followed by hands-on experience.  Over the course of that teller’s tenure with the credit union they receive regular check-ins, assessments and refresher training.  A lot of work goes into helping a teller be successful.

The role a teller plays is very important, but it clearly does not hold the strategic and fiduciary responsibility of a board member.  We understand that board members volunteer their time, so recruiting, developing and assessments come with a different type of sensitivity.  However, that does not change the need to have a comprehensive process in place.

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