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Project Management Tip #9: Ideal Mapping

October 15, 2015

Creating an ideal process map is a critical part of project planning. This process is well worth the effort, as it helps stakeholders to solidify and reach clarity on objectives.

For instance, if the credit union is implementing a new loan origination system, the ideal mapping can serve as a guideline for what the project will accomplish when successfully completed, long before an RFP is sent out for submissions. The ideal map should be drafted with representatives from each area of the credit union, including stakeholders, someone to represent the end users, and a representative from marketing, legal, and compliance.

In launching a project, it is not uncommon for each person in the room to have a different idea of the end result, even if they believe the end result is clearly articulated. An ideal map greatly reduces the number of times you will hear, “I thought we were doing _____.” Or, “I thought we meant _______.” The ideal map is a great tool to help the project team think through what areas of the project plan need special attention. It’s also a great visual aid for everyone to see what they are working toward, and why their work is important.

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