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Ideas for the Future Role of Corporate Credit Unions

March 5, 2009

Since launching c. myblog on Tuesday, we’ve received numerous emails and phone calls from credit unions expressing a wide range of ideas about the future role of corporate credit unions.  We thought we would summarize a few of them and ask those of you viewing c. myblog to vote on them – anonymously.  Of course, we encourage you to add your thoughts as well.

The ideas are listed below and will show up as comments to this post.  Please vote on each one using the star system shown below each comment by clicking on the number of stars you wish to assign each idea.  A vote of one star means you completely disagree with the idea.  A vote of five stars means you completely agree with the idea.

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  • c. myers

    Separate payment systems from balance sheet services, essentially splitting corporate functions, regardless of the number of corporates that would exist afterward.

  • c. myers

    Establish one national Payment Systems corporate and one national Investment/Liquidity Services corporate with each having regional offices.

  • c. myers

    Eliminate the corporate system altogether. It will be too expensive to recapitalize it and other viable options for services they provide exist.

  • c. myers

    Do nothing – let the current situation run its course. Healthy corporates will survive and those that aren’t healthy, will not.

  • FinancialServicesRenoNV

    Greetings all members,

    I would just like to say hello and let you know that I’m happy to be a member – been a lurker long enough 🙂

    Hope to contribute some and gain some knowledge along the way….

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