C. Myblog

Making “No” Decisions

February 6, 2015

One of the key characteristics of a high-functioning credit union is the ability to make “no” decisions in order to stay focused on the credit union’s strategic direction. As this year starts and the project list grows, it will be important to keep a laser-like focus on the projects that the management team has determined are the most important for achieving the credit union’s strategic objectives.

With 100% certainty, there will be many “shiny new objects” throughout the year that will be highly tempting or considered “must haves.” Before committing to those “shiny new objects,” it will be critical to take the time to filter them through the credit union’s strategic direction and objectives to see if or how they fit.

If they truly fit, then deliberately consider the timing of taking on more. Are these “shiny new objects” really top priorities or would the credit union be better served by delaying the start date so as not to distract from current strategic objectives?

Mastering the skill of strategically allocating resources is exceedingly important because technology innovations are happening at lightning speed. In the meantime, distractions will need to be put in the “no” or “not right now” column.

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