Model Validation

infinite: the number of good questions we help our clients answer

It could be another examiner request, or maybe you want to know for yourself. As long as you have to spend time and money, make it useful.

Credit unions choose c. myers for their model validations because experience matters…

  • Each model validator has used an A/LM model to run thousands of simulations over the course of many years. You won’t get your results until someone with at least 15 years of modeling experience signs off on them
  • This service is designed to help credit unions better understand the link between modeling assumptions, business risks, and opportunities, going far beyond satisfying examiner requests
  • We have the experience of working with over 550 credit unions, including 50% of those over $1 billion in assets and 25% of those over $100 million

Learn how other credit unions have turned an examiner request into actionable decision information.

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