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Operational Efficiency—Improving Earnings And Member Experiences While Driving Increases In Net Worth Dollars

May 17, 2012

In comments surrounding the new rule on Interest Rate Risk, the NCUA states that, “net worth is the best measure against which to gauge a credit union’s risk exposure.”  As credit unions are looking to improve earnings and grow net worth dollars in this historically low interest rate environment, yield on assets and cost of funds are only 2 of the 5 strategy levers that credit unions can pull.  In order to have an effective IRR management program, ALL levers that impact earnings and net worth should be evaluated, including operating expense, provision for loan loss and fee/other income.

Bottom-line results can be realized by evaluating operating expenses for operational efficiencies.  However, operational efficiency not only means looking for ways to cut expenses, it also includes evaluating current processes and practices to ensure that no opportunity to generate revenue is left behind.  For example:

  • Do your loan processes allow you to effectively capture every loan that you want to fund, or do inefficiencies in the process cause members seeking loans to ultimately go elsewhere?
  • Can your front line effectively turn interactions with your membership into educational or cross-sale opportunities, when appropriate, that deepen member relationships and enhance the member experience?
  • Does your in-branch advertising reflect the tactical (short-term) and strategic (long-term) objectives of the credit union?  If the credit union is targeting loan growth, are loan rates and promotions more prominently displayed and emphasized than current deposit rates?

Finding ways to revamp processes can improve member interactions and provide employees additional time that can be used to enhance member service or develop other areas of the credit union’s business.  Additionally, ensuring that the credit union is effectively utilizing its sources of revenue is just as important to operational efficiency as cutting un-needed expenses.

The creation of operational efficiencies in your structure can have a positive impact on earnings in all interest rate environments, which is an excellent way to drive increases in net worth without taking on additional risks.

Source:  Interest Rate Risk Policy and Program, NCUA, 2/3/12

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