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Project Management – Avoid These 2 Common Misconceptions

Becoming an organization that is good at project management is not simple.  While the basic concepts of project management are easily understood, there are a myriad of reasons why those concepts are not consistently and effectively put into action.  Here are 2 of the most common misconceptions that get in the way: 1) A good […]

c. notes – How A High-Performing Credit Union Upped Their Game

REDWOOD CREDIT UNION: A PROJECT MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY This is the story of a highly successful organization that wanted to up their game. After taking a look in the mirror, they decided to change their approach to project management. Headquartered in the lovely town of Santa Rosa in Northern California, $3 billion plus Redwood Credit […]

Get Ready for Successful Execution of Your Strategic Plan

It takes more than team spirit to successfully execute on the strategic plan.  It takes… well, planning.  And while good planning and management of individual projects is absolutely critical, there is another piece that is often overlooked.  That piece is the process that surrounds strategic planning and is designed to help the organization hit the […]

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