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Strategic CFO Immersion – Group 1 Phase 1 – Course Full

Strategic CFO Immersion helps CFOs build proficiency in the competencies necessary to be the financial leader of their credit union and link strategy with desired financial performance.

The immersion consists of two required phases, with each phase including four days onsite at c. myers' offices and continued learning calls with the participants.

Phase 1 Onsite: February 13-16
Phase 2 Onsite: June 12-15

Optimize Your Budget Business Intelligence

Given all of the time and rigor that typically go into the annual budget process, it makes sense to consider how that process might be improved and generate greater business intelligence for decision-makers.  Beyond creating a base budget, following these 6 steps can help take the budgeting process to the next level and provide leaders […]

A/LM Education – Fundamentals & The Next Step

Our three-day A/LM Education course includes:

  • The Fundamentals: Using A/LM for Actionable Business Intelligence
  • The Next Step: Connecting A/LM with Strategy

A/LM Education – The Next Step

The Next Step: Connecting A/LM with Strategy
There is less and less room for error in the financial services industry; the consequences of not asking the right questions have become more severe. This one-day course will focus on questions to ask when contemplating key strategic decisions.

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