Linking Strategy With Desired Financial Performance

Our philosophy is based on helping our clients ask the right questions in order to create a solid foundation that links strategy and desired financial performance. Numbers have little meaning without a distinctive strategy to guide them; strategies fall apart without the numbers to support them. Additionally, the strategy and the numbers must be effectively communicated to all decision makers in a way that is understood.

Since 1991, c. myers has partnered with credit unions for their asset/liability management and strategic planning needs, including:

Hundreds of credit unions, including about half of those over $1 billion in assets and more than 25% of those over $100 million, have benefited from our philosophy on strategic and financial services because it helps them to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Link and communicate strategy and financial performance
  • See a completely independent view

Let us help you begin to understand why more and more credit unions are choosing
c. myers as an independent partner that understands the strategies behind the numbers.

Call us to discuss your unique needs and to start evaluating how we can address them for you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sally Myers
Sally Myers, CEO

John Myers
John Myers, President

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