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The U.S. Mortgage Market: Government Support and Uncertainty

In 2009, we experienced an unprecedented level of government intervention in the mortgage market; and it is not over yet.  What happens when it is over?  The expected end of the new home buyer credit in 2009 no doubt greatly contributed to the 17% decline in home sales (Source:  Bloomberg News, U.S. Economy: Existing Home […]

Big Questions For 2010

2010 begins with an immense question attached to it:  Where will the economy go this year?  Confounding any sort of clear answer are the conflicting signs of continued recovery and renewed downturn that came with the close of 2009: The housing market has seen home prices rise for the sixth straight month in October.  However, […]

The Internet—Strategic Delivery Channel Issues And Differentiation

Evolving consumer behavior and internet usage trends may have an even more significant impact on the fundamental way credit unions strategically manage their business model and create differentiation in the future—and these trends aren’t necessarily isolated to a particular generation.  Consider the following statistics from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, January 2009: Today, […]

Conservatorship of U.S. Central and WesCorp

Reading NCUA Letter 09-CU-06 was difficult.  However, since our founding in 1991, we have encouraged our clients to always consider Event Risk Conditions.  Most would agree that we are in such conditions!  Since the publication of NCUA Letter 09-CU-02 in January, we have encouraged our clients to consider the likelihood of additional assessments.  Following 09-CU-06, […]

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