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Will A Shift In Long-Term Borrowing Capacity Of Consumers Impact Your Business Model?

In February 2009, we published a c. notes article titled, Liquidity: 9 “What-Ifs” Worth Exploring.  Even though liquidity is not a concern now for many credit unions, events outside of their control could quickly make it a serious issue.  The article encourages credit unions to answer key valid questions to help prepare them for the […]

Conservatorship of U.S. Central and WesCorp

Reading NCUA Letter 09-CU-06 was difficult.  However, since our founding in 1991, we have encouraged our clients to always consider Event Risk Conditions.  Most would agree that we are in such conditions!  Since the publication of NCUA Letter 09-CU-02 in January, we have encouraged our clients to consider the likelihood of additional assessments.  Following 09-CU-06, […]

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