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Strategic Planning: What Are You NOT Going To Do?

January 5, 2012

This may seem like an odd question but it’s probably not asked enough.  Planning for the future usually revolves around all the things you ARE going to do.  However, c. myers has observed that one key to credit union success is deliberately making “no” or “stop doing” decisions.

Every product, service and delivery channel the credit union offers uses resources.  Because resources are not unlimited, it is critical to direct them only toward those items that are aligned with strategy.  This not only applies to new initiatives but also to decisions that were made in the past that no longer serve the credit union’s strategy.

Try holding a brainstorming session specifically dedicated to “no” decisions.  Spend an hour making a list of past “no” decisions and possible future “no” decisions.  Using your strategic plan as a decision filter, consider how each idea on the list aligns with strategy.  This should make your strategy stronger as a result.

We’re interested to hear from you on this subject.  What “no” decisions have you made in the past?  Do you think those were good decisions now?  What “no” decisions are you planning to make going forward and why? Feel free to comment below, or email us at:  smay@cmyers.com.

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