Strategy & Leadership

Relevancy.  Sustainability.  Differentiation.  This is what’s on every decision-maker’s mind.

Our Strategic Visioning, Strategic Leadership Development, and Board Development are focused on creating relevancy, sustainability, differentiation, and helping decision-makers transform “what ifs” into what’s next.

Credit unions choose c. myers because we are able to engage individuals and teams, and bring comprehensive, actionable knowledge of the financial services industry and consumer behavior to the table.

Decision-makers appreciate our knack for asking the right, typically tough questions, the depth of our advance preparation, and ability to achieve solid decisions and results in areas that are often difficult and complex.

Discover why credit unions use us to facilitate over 150 carefully customized strategy sessions per year.


Strategic Visioning – Strategic planning plus a whole lot more…

Strategic Leadership Development – Imagine a team of leaders who are critical thinkers and problem-solvers who proactively anticipate and resolve problems before they begin…

Board Development – As the world grows more complex, many board members are understandably feeling overwhelmed, leaving focus on strategy and strategic issues to fall by the wayside…

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