Strategic Leadership Development

Imagine a team of leaders who are:

  • Critical thinkers and problem-solvers who proactively anticipate and resolve problems before they begin
  • Strategically focused and fanatical about connecting day-to-day tactics to the overall strategy of the credit union
  • Devoted to embracing conflict as an opportunity to make themselves, the team, and the credit union better
  • Disciplined at making and keeping commitments
  • Habitually self-assessing for the benefit of themselves and the credit union
  • Dedicated to owning their decisions and actions
  • Not siloed, working as a team getting better results, faster

It starts with talent and strategic leadership.  The questions and decisions facing credit unions are becoming increasingly complex and difficult, requiring more from leaders.  Being a leader is moving beyond having leadership skills to the next level of inhabiting the actions and qualities of leadership.

C. myers has helped both teams and individuals move from imagining the next level of leadership to living it.

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