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The New Word of Mouth: Revolutionizing How Younger Members Find You

October 15, 2010

Nobody will argue that the way we search for information over the last 10 years has changed dramatically.  Gone are the days of bulky Yellow Pages and encyclopedias; if someone—especially the younger generation—wants information, they turn to search engines.  According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project (January 2009), 87% of Gen Y use the internet, 90% of which use search engines to find information.

A new spin on the way search engines provide relevant results is underway.  Bing.com, powered by Microsoft, has partnered with Facebook to let your circle of friends directly influence your search engine results.  If a Facebook friend finds a link that they “like,” it will appear at the top of your results.

What does this mean for credit unions?  Every day, sharing information and recommendations becomes easier and more efficient.  While the ramifications of this partnership are largely unknown, it is likely that the member experience and loyalty you create will become even more critical to attracting new, younger members.  What do you do that would motivate a member to “like” your site?

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