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Disciplined Strategic Implementation is a Competitive Advantage – 6 Organizational Habits to Make it Happen

6 minute read – Yes, there can be competitive advantages in what feels like a commoditized industry.  One effective competitive advantage is a disciplined approach to strategic implementation. Executives who have decided to make strategic implementation a competitive advantage, require their organization to embrace these habits: 1)  Disciplined Process for Strategically Allocating Resources These executives […]

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3 Things We Know Will Help Leaders in Navigating Uncharted Waters

3 minute read – As we help credit union leaders navigate these uncharted waters, remembering simple things can make a big difference.  Today we are outlining 3 things that we know will help leaders. How you address these realities will depend on your credit union’s culture, level of concern for, and response to the current […]

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Mortgage Refis and a Wild Rate Environment – Just a Few Considerations

5 minute read – Mortgage refinance requests are coming in at record rates.  This type of volume was already causing significant backlogs for some.  The complexity just increased now that many businesses are practicing social distancing and the Fed took more emergency steps on Sunday, March 15, 2020. The questions in this blog only scratch […]