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c. myers live – Revving Up Your Loan Volume

While working with institutions during their budgeting process, we noticed that many were planning on loan volume decreasing.  While that might happen, it doesn’t mean you can’t put up a fight to increase it.  In this c. myers live, we discuss some tips on how to analyze your loan production and processes in effort to […]

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Tips and Tools to Help Strategic Discussions as Stimulus Money Rolls In

3 minute read –  As 2021 begins, federal stimulus money is already arriving in your customers’ accounts.  Does this feel familiar?  Everyone remembers how this can impact the numbers and financials, and it will create both opportunities and challenges.  If your forecasts did not include additional cash stimulus, your institution may wind up hitting full-year […]

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Is Today’s Investment Strategy Balancing Future Strategic Needs?

5 minute read – As many leadership teams are in the process of revamping lending to be more consumer friendly and productive in a digital world, investment portfolios are often being asked to play a bigger role while lending builds the desired momentum. In an environment where many are trying to eke out every bit […]

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c. myers Video – Don’t Force It

How you achieve your ROA, net worth, and/or growth rate goals can have different outcomes on the risk profile of your targeted financial structure – either enhancing or restraining future strategic and financial flexibility.  In this video, we discuss the possible implications of forcing the achievement of specific goals without exploring and understanding the possible […]

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Marginal ROA vs. Bottom-line ROA – Both Metrics Are Valuable

6 minute read – Many financial institutions are preparing for earnings pressure to continue in 2021.  Short-term rates near zero and record low long-term rates are squeezing net interest margins.  Gains on mortgage sales have helped, but that level of income can’t continue forever.  Understanding where your financial structure is making money, losing money, or […]