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Coronavirus Test Drive – Scaling Up Remote Employees – Put Your Critical Thinking Skills to Work Now

6 minute read – Thinking through a scenario or multiple scenarios can be extremely effective at helping you and your team identify issues and work through tough decisions before you need to actually implement them. Below is an excerpt of a larger scenario you may want to consider test driving.  Test driving is a great […]

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Financial Considerations as Rates Plummet and Coronavirus Concerns Escalate

7 minute read – We are working daily with many institutions on strategic thinking and financial modeling focused on these topics.  In this article, we address some general talking points we thought you would find helpful and some specific ideas being considered/tested, a number of which may need to be decided on quickly.  Later this […]

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c. myers’ Educational Video Series

4 minute read – C. myers’ Napkin Math is an educational video series featuring simple, yet incredibly useful calculations that can be done quickly during conversations. When brainstorming various ideas with your team, you really want to see the financial impact fast!  We created our Napkin Math videos to help keep the conversation moving.  The […]