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180-Second Exercise: No Commitment Car Ownership With Fair

January 3, 2018

180-second exercises are a great way to practice brainstorming and thinking creatively about the different questions, concerns, and changes in the economy and consumer behavior – fast!  Use 180-second exercises as an icebreaker, team builder, or way to start thinking about a particular topic or trend on the horizon.

180-second exercise to practice brainstorming and thinking creatively about questions and situations.

In this exercise the focus is on Fair, a new entrant to the digital car-buying market looking to change the way consumers think about vehicle ownership.

In a group, watch the following video at www.fair.com.  After watching the video, set a timer for 180 seconds and identify 20 ways Fair can impact the credit union positively or negatively.

Remember, the goal is to think creatively and brainstorm so go for quantity, not quality.

If you need ideas for other 180-second exercises, feel free to call us.

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