Transforming “What Ifs” into “What’s Next”

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Linking Strategy With Measures of Success

Any decision can be teeming with risk and uncertainty – or growth and opportunity. Providing alternative courses of action, regardless of a situation, is our primary focus.

Rather than offer predictions, we present the knowledge of possibility. By providing actionable information and plainspoken guidance, we enable credit union leadership to chart their own course through the obstacles, or opportunities, in front of them.


October 8, 2015

Observations from Model Validations: Prepayment Speeds

This blog is a continuation of our series to share observations from A/LM model validations that we’ve performed. Prepayment speed assumptions impact earnings, net worth, and NEV within an A/LM simulation. Too often, though, people may simply expect that their assumptions have been input correctly and are operating as intended. Some of the issues to […]


Dec 02, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015

A/LM Education

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