Liquidity Analysis Service

Move beyond addressing short-term liquidity needs and gain a clear, strategic 12-month view.

Liquidity concerns run the gamut from a reversal of the flight to safety, loan growth, and the effect of interest rate risk on liquidity to the uncertainty of lines of credit and drastic historical scenarios. There’s a lot to think about. Address your unique concerns through our Liquidity Analysis Service:

  • Consider threats to liquidity that you may not be thinking about
  • Go beyond traditional sources and uses with two additional views of liquidity. Our Liquidity Analysis factors in the credit union’s lines of credit and unfunded commitments such as credit cards and HELOCs
  • Forecast the expected liquidity position
  • Through What-Ifs, identify and forecast stressed liquidity scenarios
  • Explore components of a prudent liquidity risk policy
  • Think through a contingency funding plan

Call or email to get your arms around your strategic liquidity needs with our Liquidity Analysis.

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