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Intermediate And Long-Term CDs – Interest Rate Risk Protection?

Rates are low and, given news from the Fed, expected to stay low for the time being.  Some members are taking the Fed at their word and are beginning to move their funds into intermediate and longer-term CDs.  Before assuming this can help provide interest rate risk protection credit unions should answer a few questions. […]

Proposed Interest Rate Risk Regulation Could Have Unintended Consequences

Proposed Interest Rate Risk Regulation

Newly proposed regulations would require federally insured credit unions to not only have an effective interest rate risk management program, but also a written policy addressing interest rate risk management.  The NCUA has taken this step due to concerns about the level of interest rate risk being taken by many institutions, as material concentrations in […]

Lower Earnings Or Increased Interest Rate Risk?

If there is one thing to be said infallibly about risk management, it is never black and white.  The historically-low rate environment coupled with mostly-anemic consumer loan demand has put increased pressure on credit union margins across the nation; moreover, many are reaching their floor with regard to lowering deposit rates.  In light of the […]

Interest Rate Risk Checklist and Commentary

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