Process Improvement

Maintaining relevancy to members and potential members is hard to sustain without simple, quick, and efficient processes. This not only keeps costs down, but can create more rewarding member and employee experiences.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Here are just a few things we hear from our clients…

  • We learned it’s not about the new software. It’s about new processes and the mindset to utilize the enhanced capabilities
  • I wish we would have done the mapping before we developed our RFP
  • This process changed our culture. Since our very first call, we now look at our project management differently
  • We cut our processing times in half, and are booking a lot more loans without adding credit risk
  • Thanks to our improved processes, we are able to handle the increased volume without adding new people, and our queues are never backed up like they were in the past
  • We actually made it easy for people to join our credit union because we finally removed huge roadblocks from the new member process

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