Project Management

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a man forever forced to roll a heavy boulder uphill each day, only to watch it roll back down each night. The pain and fruitless sacrifice of his best efforts to succeed were doomed to fail from the beginning.
Credit union project teams sometimes know this feeling—they find themselves losing an uphill battle too.

Imagine projects that are consistently completed on time, within budget, and delivering the value that was promised. Imagine how much could be saved in time, money and angst, and how much additional revenue could be generated if this were true.

This is why many credit unions have stopped imagining and turned to c. myers to help them instill sound project management practices into their culture.

Project Portfolio Management

There are always more projects than there is time and resources to complete them, and clearly silo project management doesn’t work. So, imagine a disciplined structure to help prioritize projects that are most important to the credit union to support its strategy.

Combining our knowledge of the credit union industry with many years of facilitation and managing team dynamics, we help credit unions create and maintain an effective, yet simple, structure that brings consistency and efficiency to project selection, scheduling, and resource allocation.

To stop fighting for resources…

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