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Asset/liability management (A/LM) should be more than a specialized function performed by Finance and go beyond being viewed as a necessary evil.  It’s a vital and relevant piece of the business that affects the bottom line and informs many decisions.  You need answers to the right business questions.  C. myers methodology gives you those answers.


  • What is the short- and long-term profitability of decisions we have made under a wide range of rate environments and yield curves?
  • Under which rate environments, if any, could we have materially reduced or negative earnings?
  • If we could have materially reduced or negative earnings, when could they occur and what is the time horizon for pain?
  • Under which rate environments could we no longer be Well Capitalized?
  • What are the profitability and risk trade-offs of decisions under consideration?
  • What is the breakeven point for individual and combinations of decisions under consideration?
  • How could our strategic liquidity needs change as the world around us changes?


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