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March 11, 2009

Recapitalizing the Corporates

We have been asking numerous credit unions the following: Assume corporates are stabilized but need to be completely recapitalized.  If the system were restructured and you felt it safe, how much would you be willing to spend as a percent of assets to recapitalize?  The most common answers are ” zero” and “we have not […]

March 5, 2009

Ideas for the Future Role of Corporate Credit Unions

Since launching c. myblog on Tuesday, we’ve received numerous emails and phone calls from credit unions expressing a wide range of ideas about the future role of corporate credit unions.  We thought we would summarize a few of them and ask those of you viewing c. myblog to vote on them – anonymously.  Of course, […]

March 3, 2009

Imagine a scenario where the corporate credit union system ceased to exist. What would be the impact to natural person credit unions of different asset sizes that use corporate credit unions for services such as:

Payment systems (ACH, draft processing, settlement, etc.) Liquidity and liquidity management? Investment services, such as term certificates and broker/dealer services? Coin and currency services?

March 3, 2009

Fast forward to 2013. The recession that came to a head in 2008 has passed and the corporate credit union system was stabilized and has been viable for the last few years. The industry is now experiencing a similar crisis and needs to be stabilized once again. Who should be responsible for the cost of the stabilization?

March 3, 2009

What questions and additional comments do you have concerning the corporate credit union system?

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